• Peer learning for innovators and entrepreneurs

    As business owners, founders, managers and innovators where do we learn the skills to do things we haven't done before?

    Practical outtakes

    New skills and tools you can actually use.

    Expect to learn practical, applicable new tools and skills you can take away and use in your business.

    Real talk

    The good, bad and the ugly.

    You'll be learning from peers who have done things before and have real learning to share. Expect to hear the good, bad and ugly about what it takes to get this work done.

  • Workshops

    Expect to learn and connect with experts and entrepreneurs who have gained knowledge through practice and genuine experience.


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    Make governance a powerful, strategic asset that really adds value to your organisation.

    How do we...

    • Work out how governance can best serve the business?
    • Ensure the right skill sets and voices are making an impact on our governance?
    • Make the board a high functioning team that grows together? 

    Perfect for board chairs, CEOs, founders, senior leadership, investors, advisors and board members.




    Find the smartest ways of aligning with funders to grow your business.

    How do we...

    • Build a capital and funding strategy that aligns with our organisational goal? 
    • Find the right people to bring on board as investors? (and avoid the wrong ones).
    • Make the most of a capital or funding partnership, beyond the money? 

    Perfect for CEOs, co-founders, investors, new product leads, funders and strategic advisors.


    Help your team to focus on getting the most important things done for your business.

    How do we...

    • Seperate focus from distraction
    • Grow a high functioning culture that helps people do their best work?
    • Give and receive hard, important feedback so everyone learns from their mistakes?
    • Work with ambiguity, handle stressful situations and lead a clear path through the noise?

    Perfect for CEOs, co-founders, team leaders and managers, HR teams and culture makers.




    Work out the best way to invest time and money to grow your business.

    How do we...

    • Work out what meaningful growth is in our business?
    • What are the most important things to measure in our marketing?
    • How do successful companies do growth well?
    • What are the skill sets we need to develop to actually grow the company?
    • How can we learn the most from our marketing ideas to improve them in the future?

    Perfect for CEOs, co-founders, growth advisors, marketing teams, creative agencies and business development teams.






    How do we build the business to execute a successful exit?

    How do we...

    • Align our strategy and team around a motivating exit path that makes sense for our business?
    • Build a business structure that is designed for exit from day one?
    • Plan and resource our exit path as a work stream for the business? 
    • Understand what an exit is really like and where the work is to make it happen? 

    Perfect for CEOs, co-founders, growth advisors, governance boards, investors and advisors.

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