• A break-through peer learning event for innovators and entrepreneurs

    As business owners, founders, managers and innovators where do we learn the skills to do things we haven't done before?

    Practical outtakes

    New skills and tools you can actually use.

    Expect to learn practical, applicable new tools and skills you can take away and use in your business.

    Real talk

    The good, bad and the ugly.

    You'll be learning from peers who have done things before and have real learning to share. Expect to hear the good, bad and ugly about what it takes to get this work done.

  • 1 day special event to learn alongside your peers.

    Join 90+ other leaders, founders, investors and innovators to learn valuable, practical skills.
    you need to grow your business, lead your organisation and thrive as an innovator.


    Expect practical, intimate workshops that will challenge you and extend your thinking.
    **Save the date: Tuesday September 4th**



    What's important? What's distraction? How do you define the difference to make better decisions?

    Is your business model doing you justice?
    Are you clearly executing on the most valuable customer and product in your market?

    Is that a new customer? A new product? Or a whole new business?
    What do you do when your business creates new opportunity? How to see the distractions and convert the right opportunities.

    How to know when your core business has shifted?
    How do you meaningfully shift the focus of a business? Knowing when to pivot and what to pivot and how hard to pivot. 

    Perfect for CEOs, co-founders, senior leadership, growth advisors, governance boards, investors and advisors.


    How do you use governance as powerful, strategic asset that really adds value to your organisation?

    Busting up the echo-chamber
    Boards can become a place for confirming company biases and unhealthy group think. How do we get past that?

    Challenging disconnected boards
    When a board has no accountability and is disconnected from the frontline business, it lacks the real context to be effective. How do you navigate this?

    Avoiding (and fixing) dysfunction
    A dysfunctional board slows down the company, causes stress and sucks energy away from success and/or growth. How can we move beyond boardroom power struggles?

    Perfect for board chairs, CEOs, founders, senior leadership, investors, advisors and board members.



    Do you know the best way to invest time and money to grow your business in the digital age?


    You spend how much on marketing!?
    How do you know the difference between your marketing spend being golden and being a complete rip off?

    What are you measuring?
    In this world, you are what you measure, so do you know what you are? What's a vanity metric? What's important? What's the difference?

    Are you filling the right funnel?
    Is it a marketing problem? Is it just sales? How does marketing lead to sales? How to navigate between the two?


    Perfect for CEOs, co-founders, growth advisors, marketing teams, creative agencies and business development teams.



    What are the real challenges with funding the business? Where are the myths to bust?

    Negotiation and filtering.

    What are the realities of the tug of war between investors and founders? How do you actually get the right people onboard?
    Is capital even the right idea?

    The money lands. Now what?
    What are the challenges that come with landing capital?
    What are the support structures needed to manage this well?

    Navigating the sour conversations
    How do you get through the times when things aren't going well?
    How do you recognise and acknowledge when you've been investing in failure?

    Perfect for CEOs, co-founders, investors, new product leads, funders and strategic advisors.


    How do you grow your team to operate at their best? How do you motivate the right people around you to stay around you?

    Growing great team culture
    High functioning culture that helps people do their best work doesn't just happen. Where does it come from? How do you keep it growing?

    Tough talk
    How do you address difficult issues like stress, burnout and lagging performance? Give and receive hard, important feedback so everyone learns from their mistakes?

    Enough is enough
    How do you know when to move on from a role or hire and fire people in your team?

    Leading through the noise
    We all work with ambiguity and need to handle stressful situations. How do we lead a clear path for teams through this noise?

    Perfect for CEOs, co-founders, team leaders and managers, HR teams and culture makers.




    Do you know where you are heading? How do you work towards the ends you want?

    Starting with the end in mind
    Are you designing and building your business with the right ends in mind? How do you make big decisions with the right exit in mind?

    Is it time to fire yourself?
    How do you know when you need to step aside or when the company needs skills you don't have? What do you do when you aren't the right person to do the work you started?

    What happens when the rollercoaster ends?
    Preparing the company - and preparing yourself - for the end of the ride. What is the actually like? What does a graceful exit look like?



    Perfect for CEOs, co-founders, growth advisors, governance boards, investors and advisors.

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